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“What book is that?”
“Oh, what’s it about?”
“Oh, what’s that?”
“It’s encryption, scrambling.”
“Ah, I see. What’s that?”
“It’s a form of math.”
“What kind?”
“What’s that?”

I was grilled by about my reading material by Teresa at work today, and I can’t tell you which of us was more pedantically-disposed in that conversation. I am on my third read of Cryptonomicon. Just like Neal Stephenson’s other works, Cryptonomicon is dense, multilayered, and referential. It travels the world, covers half century of war, intrigue, math and commerce, and is as much a work of education as it is of entertainment. It also has a lengthy segue into a confession about a unique sexual fetish.

On the photography front, my job prospects have improved. I’ve been engaged to second shoot a wedding in St. George, Utah over the weekend, I had a promising interview yesterday with Monarch Promotions, and I had fun shooting some very beautiful dogs over in east Las Vegas while at the park with Mariah:

Kinbu, the dog


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The Language of Agency

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