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The dry spell is nearly at any end, my laptop’s charger should be here tomorrow. Once it’s here I can finish some very outstanding processing and printing works.

But truth be told it’s been nice to hang up the camera for a spell and not have to go snapping the kids or anything else for that matter. I haven’t even been looking at anyone else’s works in that time, for that matter, outside of trolling randomly on photographic forums.

“How is my photo?”
“It needs more truthiness!”


Of all things, I’ve been working on a short story that I’ve had in mind for some time. I’m particular about my science-fiction – it must be a certain kind of hard, or a certain kind of soft…it’s like porn with ray guns, now that I think about it. There’s good porn, bad porn, and downright nasty porn that you’ll eternally regret watching.

So, as far as hard sci-fi goes, I like the entire book to be realistically believable. What do I mean? As a Linux and general computer geek, I have a good grasp of what the actual state of the art is, which is incidentally why I think that Hollywood writers as a whole should be put through a few CompSci classes.

I’m an armchair astronomer and again, I have a fair idea of the technical and practical difficulties involved in space flight. Even something seemingly trivial, say beaming a photograph back to Earth, is an involved process. To quote an email from the Cassini imaging team:

The spacecraft points its high gain antenna toward Earth and transmits the data from all of its instruments, as well as information about the operational status of the spacecraft. These telemetry signals make their way across 1.6 billion kilometers of space and are received by the giant dish antennas of the Deep Space Network. These packets of telemetry are piped to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, where they are

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