Merry Christmas?

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We’re fit to strangle Caira here. In the past two weeks she’s hit both the crazy twos and her “mine” phase – on one hand it’s impressive that she’s reached this stage at 17 months, and on the other…well… A 17 month old hyperactive screaming “mine mine!” at everything and generally bouncing off the walls inspires thoughts of

to think something is to give it form, right?

Any of you with children know what I’m talking about. We just wish Caira picked a better time; if she’s not swinging out of Mariah, she’s chasing the cats or trying to climb onto our Christmas presents. Generally we’re taking a lot of deep breaths and trying to beat down the urge to strangle Caira.


It’s not all bad, brat. On the chance that you’ll read this post years from now I’ll add that in the last two weeks you’ve really expanded on both your vocabulary and use of said vocabulary. When you were in the bath yesterday we had an excellent conversation. The topic of it eludes me, but it involved much deep thought and many uses of “yes!” or “no!” on your part.

Last night, I asked you to stop jumping on our bed. You looked me straight in the eye and up came the wagging finger that coincided with a loud chorus of “no no no no!” It was sickeningly cute, brat. You’re lucky you secretly melt our hearts. We’d have skinned and cooked you for dinner long before now, elsewise.

10k: Done!

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