Update: Site has been…updated

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I apologize if anybody has reached newworldphotos.net in the last 72 hours and instead discovering the expected photo-y goodness were instead greeted by a nefarious 404 error. I was busily engaged in moving the domain and associated content from its old home at 1&1 in the U.S.A. to its new one at Digiweb in the Republic of Ireland. I guess you could say that my site has followed me home. :) During the transition period I took the time to update the back-end file structure of my images and their related posts. While I’ve tried to spot check the results my coverage hasn’t been 100%. If you should happen to spot anything please do not hesitate to email me.

Beyond the quiet implications of the change in legal jurisdiction, I now have a hosting and domain space that is wholly mine to play with. With my spring-cleaning finished I plan to enact some small photo changes to the blog and then launch into several new real-world photo projects.

in the website

Mark Grealish

Dashing brigand, handsome rapscallion, father, crazy cat lady and the world's greatest lover and liar, living in Galway, Ireland.

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