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NASA's Blue Marble mosaic

Go to NASA’s Blue Marble page right now, and grab the torrent download. Don’t stop, don’t ask, don’t think, just go. The Blue Marble is a ludicrous 86,400 x 42,000 pixel mosaic of the Earth, taken over the past year by satellite. “Glorious” isn’t grandiose enough for such a beautiful composition.

I downloaded both the full-size mosaic, and the more reasonably-sized 21k x 21k pixel version after my computer hard locked. General-purpose tools can’t handle an image this size on my current hardware because put simply, there are more bits in the image than there are bits in my computer’s RAM. Speciality tools like Imagemagick might be able to handle the Blue Marble in the same manner that vim handles a large log file: In chunks. Take a portion of the image, split it off into a tile, repeat.

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