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  • Peter Cosgrave

    February 27, 2008 at 14:33

    Haha!! What a coincidence, its the same theme man. ;)

    I haven’t had time to finish it off and personalise it yet. I only finished my LEaving Cert mock exams yesterday. Also, my PC has been broken and I get it back tomorrow.

    Have a load of photos I want to edit and upload, plus all my programmes for messing with the website are on it.

    Hopefully, I can make a start tomorrow. Afterall I don’t want to copy your website entirely if I can avoid it. I’m a total newbie with all this stuff.

    At the moment I have hosting but don’t have my own domain name. I’ll hopefully get that sorted soon enough. I just want to see i I keep the site going firstly. :)

    Once again, thanks for making this theme public and helping me out. It means a lot and I will of course link your site on my blog. Its the least I can do to say thanks. :)

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