Day 92: Infrared Photography is Dead

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Day 92: Infrared photography is dead

Through. Finished.

I…well where do I start? It’s been fun. Misadventures at 720nm, my infrared blog, represents a real learning experience spread out over the past few months. I’ve learned the spectrum, the light, what’s interesting and what\’s boring, but at the end of it all: The boring wins. I’ve done it all, and I’ve done it all in infrared. The thought of taking that little black filter out of its case and screwing it onto my lens makes me feel almost physically ill. I mean. Look at every infrared photograph: White trees, black sky. Boring boring boring.

I’m shifting format, effective today. I want to keep up with what I have done by staying away from visible light. In fact, I’m moving totally up the scale. Longer, bigger and better: Radio-wavelength portrait photography. Something unique, new and different enough to make me stand out from the crowd. 720 nanometers? That’s dead and gone. The kit has been ordered, delivered and assembled. The software has been loaded. The tutorials have been read. As of tomorrow Misadventures at 10 Meters will go live.

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