Day 69: How’s my reflection?

Day 69: How's my reflection?

This is maybe my last photograph from Glendalough for the time being; I’ve been tinkering with it all evening to try and inject some more contrast between the foreground stones and background vista without resorting to something as obvious and blatant and dodging and burning.

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  • Stephen on


  • Mike on

    Cracking. Would love to see have seen a colour version of this too

  • Mark on

    The colour version wasn\'t all that spectacular, TBH.

  • el Jeffe on

    What\'s wrong with dodging and burning? (says the old film photographer)

  • Mark on

    I didn\'t think it would suit this image due to ISO grain (look at the top-left corner). Also, I really wanted to break from normal methods. There\'s nothing worse than a rut.

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