Just catching the gossip

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Just catching the gossip

If I do the same thing somewhere new, is it something new? Street photography is something that normally holds little interest to me for three reasons:

  1. The famous landmarks of the world have already been photographed to death by thousands and thousands of people. I feel I have nothing to add.
  2. My personal tastes run to more open vistas. I wander up and down streets but find little in them to personally put my finger on the button as I prefer bleak, open vistas that look like scenes from your last nightmare.
  3. There are men and women who specialize in this area and turn out the level of breathtaking work that simply puts my own efforts to shame.

But this afternoon I set up to break from the norm and try to capture a different view of Shop Street in the heart of Galway City. I got looks. I had a chat with a Garda who was endlessly bemused by thirty second exposures. I had catcalls and requests. And for being someone who is so shy, I had no problems sitting out in front of hundreds of strangers and taking photos with my tripod.

I captured my image and I’m broadly happy with the results: Galway as a ghost town.

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