Balancing elements

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Into what area does this picture fall? Texture? Form? Purthy reflections? Regardless, I consider this image a technical experimentation – forest scenes are typically strongly contrasted between the bright sky and dark flora and in taking this I set out to try and balance these two extremes through better management of metering, manual control of exposure, strategic arrangement of background elements in order to block out the sun and more subtlety in post-processing in order to achieve a balance.


Lots of words up there. I am content with the result (although the horizon could stand to be straighter – stand straighter…you might say (hah)). I’ll draw back from the photo a little to confess that my creative mojo has abandoned me. When I look at a scene, I break it down by the rules:

Foreground interest – background expanse. Split in the middle, or do a one third/two thirds? Signature tree?

Boring. I can look at a vista and think to myself Wow, what a photo this would make!, but in the conversion I feel that I fall flat. I can’t convert that moment – all the extraneous information from the scene such as breeze, the scent, that scattering of distant light and the temperature – into a 8,185,344 pixel, 12-bit color image. I capture a snapshot, a shallow…what? A rough pixelated portrait? Not satisfying, at all.

10k: Done!

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Intent and Effect

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