in me

As I cannot guarantee my state of sobriety, lucidity or even consciousness in the last hours of 2009, I’ll say right now that the year gone held some of the darkest – and brightest – hours of my life. I stood watch at the birth of my first son and I watched my daughter cross the invisible boundary between ‘toddler’ and ‘preschooler.’ I found my photographic legs after a two year gap. My marriage spiraled downhill and ran into the ground through a combination of mutual distrust, dislike and miscommunication until finally we separated. I moved back to Ireland. And finally I spent almost seven months out of work.

I know that many of you similarly had a dark year between relationships dissolving, the death of family and friends and unemployment and despair caused by the harsh economy. I sincerely wish that all of us have a brighter and happier 2010.

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