Round two hundred?

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Khendros: Your pirate facade presents an eerie resemblence to George Clooney
Mark: Arr, boobies!
Khendros: Ninjas rule, sir
Mark: Do you know why ninja hide in the shadows? They heard there were pirates about.
Khendros: Know why pirates always wear eye patches? Because Ninjas keep stealing their fucking eyes
Mark: You know why ninja wear black? It’s to hide the piss stains.
Khendros: Pirates wear red to hide their periods… little girly men, they are
Mark: You know why ninja wear masks? It’s so you won’t see their green faces when pirates get the booty. Again.
Khendros: They gay booty
Khendros: All them seamen out there on their boats
Mark: Two words: Jack Sparrow.
Khendros: Who never once had sex with anyone the entire movie
Khendros: …or all three, for that matter
Mark: Jack Sparrow already had sex with everyone. True fact.
Khendros: No, you’re thinking of Keith Richards
Khendros: Easy to confuse them
Mark: Well they’re both pirates
Mark: It’s understandable


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