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Well shit. HAY GUYZ

Not that anyone reads this, but still: HAY GUYZ

You know, seriously. Nobody even looks at this site (except maybe my wife?), so for me Tumblr/ has become this dumping ground where I can freely monologue without fear of being interrupted by a lesser, uncomprehending mortal. Mostly my vomit is visual – pretty photos without much commentary or context (something like 160:10 according to my stats). Sometimes, such as now, my vomit is verbal.

At this juncture I’ll come back to today. was offline for most of last week due to me fucking around with the DNS settings for the site without checking niggling little things such as…well, things such as whether they work. It was all finally corrected last night and went live today. I’m now officially three days behind on my ‘Photo of the day.’ Again, not that anybody cares but me. I’ve got to put my head down and dig back into taking and uploading photos, over the weekend coming, in order to catch up to where I should be.


I was in Dublin since Monday, staying with the awesome Sinead and searching for work across Dublin city and county. As of Thursday night I had literally contacted every single staffing agency in the greater Dublin area and make direct applications to several employers beside that. Employers of Ireland, I am for hire. I can warehouse. I can run a warehouse blindfolded. I know Oracle, FSCS, purchasing, ProfitMaker, Office and inventory auditing. I am flexible about pay and location and I can start work tonight tomorrow.

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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