Scumbag customers and a day trip to Connemara

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I live. I’ve been so busy with work, World of Warcraft, friends, and family that I finally shut down, shunted aside whatever I could, and went out to relax. Work at Curry isn’t bad, but what work at Currys is is dirty. I hate you if you don’t bother to clean out your junk item before you drop it off at the store; I can-and do, and will-refuse to either accept or even handle your dirty fridge if it makes my skin crawl to just look at it.

Just fuck off right now, okay?

Killary Harbour

Jenn took mum and I around Connemara last Sunday afternoon. We saw the sights, took in the air and I gagged and retched majestically in the car when somebody opened a pack of cheese and onion crisps.

We started (and stopped and started-thank you Sunday traffic!) in Oughterard, up through Maam Cross and across the R336 to Leenane and Killary Harbour. I photographed the bejesus out of both the fjord and every other hill, tree, and rock that looked picturesque. Mostly; I missed a fair chunk of the trip because I had my nose buried in the back of the camera, and I didn’t enjoy the scenery like I should because I had to get the exposure and colour balance just so.

Jenn turned for home after Leenane, and from there we took R345 over the past down and into Cong, wherein travel sickness struck. Smells make me sick. I can’t tell you why, but certain stenches make me feel physically ill, and on Sunday exhaust fumes from the car, alcohol from lunch, mum’s tobacco and especially Jennifer’s bloody cheese and onion crisps made me vomit violently.

Lough Corrib from Carrowgarriff, looking forward Hen's Castle

We stopped at an overlook in Carrowgarrif to allow me some air, and it was there that took the opportunity to capture the above panorama of Lough Corrib and Hen’s Castle. Jennifer let us out at Ashford Castle, and we all spent a good two hours in the grounds of the hotel wrapped up in our own heads. Cong and Ashford Castle are both extraordinarily beautiful place in any weather. I’ve been to the grounds in both summer and winter, in sunshine, rain, mist, and snow, and on every single occasion all the weather made the grounds beautiful.

And that was my past week.

December 26

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