Laziness binds me

I want to find some way to easily connect my Pixelpost uploads to here – – but laziness constricts me. I already make uploads to three separate sites: Misadventures at 720nm, Flickr and Redbubble. Effectively pushing out a fourth separate update is really pushing the bounds of personal ingenuity. I would personally love to daisy-chain Tumblr-> Pixelpost-> Redbubble, but I have a feeling that click-throughs would drop off by an order of magnitude to each subsequent site. If I directly connected Tumblr->Redbubble for the purposes of selling prints then I would render my pretty photoblog (and honestly my main site) superfluous.

I think that maybe Redbubble works against me in this regard. For an otherwise wonderful site whose role is to facilitate the purchase of prints, the sharing options are miserable. I can link to my Twitter, link to my Facebook or email a link back to the site. Still though, I seem to have options, even if they are technically ‘hacks.’

Another option I have is to swap URLs around: Move this blog to and make the showcase site at

Watch this space.

by Mark Grealish

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