I got the job, and then I didn’t

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I got the job, and then I didn’t. The phone call went something like this:

“Hi, is this Mark?”
“Hello! It is.”
“Hi there, this is x from y and I’m pleased to offer you the position you were interviewed for. Keeping in mind that you need to deliver two weeks notice to your current employer, we want you to start here on Monday the twelfth of June.”
“That’s just awesome, thank you. However I will be starting a two week trip to the US on the following Monday, but I would be happy to start on the twelfth if you can make an allowance.”
“Oh..Oh, that’s unacceptable. I’m afraid that we must withdraw the offer unless you wish to postpone the trip.”

(I will say here that her tone was scoffing and utterly arrogant, which is about as good a way to rile me that exists)

“I’m sorry X, but I can’t. The arrangements were made after I heard nothing from you..”
“But you only had the medical on the twenty-third!”

(Again the scoffing tone)

“I’m talking about the three-week period beforehand when I heard absolutely nothing from your company, after the time in which you said you would contact me passed. I’m sorry for this, but I simply can’t put my life on hold on the off-chance that someone will contact me with a job offer! I will be more than happy to come to any arrangement you wish, but the long and short of it is that I won’t be in Ireland between the sixteenth of June and the first of July.”
“Hmm, well we will see if we can offer you a future position and keep you on file, goodbye.”


Frequently Asked Questions:

What the hell? You stupid Irishman!
The job was about the money, which is the whole of it, so I’m not too pushed over it much as it would pay better!

She was arrogant and dismissive, her tone implied that it was expected I drop all my plans, write off nearly a thousand euro worth of reservations and start the job as expected, after they failed to contact me for three bloody weeks!

Oh Fenny… ._.
I know.

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