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I have to admit I had a fun weekend, crushing stomach illness aside. A fast, frightening and fun whirlwind tour of Dublin and Wicklow. Breakneck, breathless over-my-shoulder photography as I swooped from location to location in Ireland’s capital.

Okay, I’m kinda talking through my arse. I shot at two locations: Poolbeg power station at Sandycove, near Dublin city center, on Saturday; Glendalough at…well, Glendalough in County Wicklow on Sunday morning. Eeeeeeeearly on Sunday morning.

Merde, as they say in France

Photographically, Saturday and Sunday together constituted a fun weekend, but personally they were more of a miserable weekend. I had some kind of stomach upset nipping at my heels all through the two days that really sapped my will and desire to stay in the city for a second night.

Said illness continued on and off until early this (Monday) morning. I’m over the hump and on the mend now, and thank you all for your well-wishes.


On Saturday evening I met a budding photography, Alex Lyons. Alex: Cheers.

Oh sweet Glendalough.

And then on Sunday, with a 3am start, I joined a disparate group of Glendalough. I don’t have much to say about this beyond that I enjoyed everyone’s company thoroughly, the hike did me a world of good, I had my eyes opened on several topics in the conversation over breakfast and it was fun meeting people and putting faces to those who I had only known as names. There’s a great thread here that caps off with photographs from everyone involved.

Photos, the photos.

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