in me

I don’t know if it is allergies that caused this, but I have had an awful migraine for the past week. It’s there morning and evening, day and night, and it has taken a toll. I’m tired, I’m dizzy, I’m angry, and I’m short with everyone around me. Mariah sent me some migraine painkiller that I’ve taken almost to the point of overdone, and even then I only have a few short hours of relief. My sleep is shot, and my performance a work in the shitter.

I talked to Mariah last night, fell asleep mid-sentence at 9pm from pain and fatigue, napped until midnight and chatted with her some more until 2am. I slept solidly until 5am, and talked with her again until 8am, when we both crawled off to bed. It is now the middle of the afternoon, I’m barely out of bed, my head is a melange of different agonies, and I barely feel rested.

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