CMOS -> 35mm

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Over the last week-basically since Wales – I’ve started to reconsider my choice of photographic medium. I love, truly and absolutely adore infrared photography for its ability to capture the world, but differently. My problem is when it comes to the recording medium: I’m really not satisfied with the results from my digital Canon kit. The grain is unsightly and my black and white conversions lack crispness. I’d maybe do better, digitally, with a full-frame body such as an EOS-5D and some shiny L glass – but that level of equipment is so far beyond my current budget that it may as well be the realm of fantasy.

Plan B: 35mm

I’m a cheap bastard. Sue me. I’m moving my main photographic output to 35mm because of the (perceived) better control I’ll have with high-contrast black and white film. Woe, woe to us all. Watch this space for more information. :)

First Cycle Since…2008?

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