Galway infrared photoshoot. Need bodies. :)

Stop Street infrared crowds

I need a model:

Honestly. I need warm bodies. Male or female; young or old; thick or thin: I will still take you.

Long-exposure (infrared) crowd/portrait photography.

When? Where?
Shop Street, Galway City, Ireland. Saturday April 4, 2010.

Tell me more…
I have been working on and off to get in long-exposure crowd shots on Galway’s Shop Street, and after some very encouraging results in the recent past I’d like to move onto the next step: Have one or more people pose for me for a one-hour photo shoot. (Time on the day to be decided based on their schedules.)

The model(s) will need to be able to stand rock-still for five or ten seconds at a time through the exposure, and will be the focal counterpoint to a series of dramatic images showing the flow of city life around them.

Me, pick me!
If you are at all interested, you can reply here, tweet @bhalash, email me or phone me in Galway on 086 190 8088.

Update @ 23:14: I have one person confirmed to attend. More are welcome!

Stop Street infrared crowds

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