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As I said back in January, I am a fickle man. Here I am back with WordPress, back with my old blog again. The Pixelpost powering bhalash.com imploded on Friday afternoon after I updated my timezone. A trivial change completely wiped out all of my settings and broke the database. Piling this on top of all my other concerns with the CMS – concerns that can be effected by simply saying that Pixelpost is unpolished, limited, unstable and literally prone to break if you change anything – I made the snap decision to move back to WordPress. Beginning yesterday I made the effort to get bhalash.com back online and then dusted off my new domain – 720nm.com. My refusal to hard-code URLs in posts and my ability to simply drop a symlink between the relevant image folders let me very trivially import my old WordPress content. I will continue to keep newworldphotos.net and bhalash.com, and the content of the two sites, available for archival purposes.

Two big shoutouts: Tumblr2WordPress and PP2WP for allowing me to pull all my disparate sources back under one umbrella, although tomorrow looks to be spent editing about 100 posts by hand to add proper content, but that is better than working from scratch.

Unfortunately yesterday, Sunday, day 123 of my 365-day project was skipped due to all of this wrestling.

Finally, I’d like to thank everybody who follows my photographs for their forbearance and constant heckling over on Twitter.

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