Day 127: 100kph

Day 127: 100kph

Something quick for today; I caught this on the main road just outside of Loughrea against the backdrop of some spectacularly dark skies. Eagle-eyed readers may notice that the sign looks significantly different at infrared wavelengths!

Mark Grealish

Dashing brigand, handsome rapscallion, father, crazy cat lady and the world's greatest lover and liar, living in Dublin, Ireland.

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  • Mark on

    I honest, really, seriously use a

  • Shane Murphy on

    Feck you Mark. I was thinking about converting my 30d to IR & this shot really makes me want to do it now. After my recent camera purchase, I couldn’t justify the cost, but now I really want to go for the conversion.
    Did you use lifepixel or do you use an IR filter?

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