ISS, Penumbra

The ISS passing into Earth's penumbra

Counter-intuitively, the ISS is moving from right (west) to left (east) in this image. As it passed over Ireland it passed behind the Earth and into the planet’s shadow, or [[penumbra]]. The more you know.

Mark Grealish

Dashing brigand, handsome rapscallion, father, crazy cat lady and the world's greatest lover and liar, living in Dublin, Ireland.

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  • Shane Murphy on

    Nice one Mark. Looks like you caught Iron Man flying across the sky.
    Was that about 20 sec exposure?

  • Elliot on

    Ooh! You’ve taught me something…coolio.

  • Mark on

    Win! The most useful thing I taught anyone before now was to coach my niece to say “Why?” when questioned.

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