Day 130: One single dandelion

Day 130: One single dandelion

  1. This is a fallback photograph. I honestly had nothing else ready for today (Sunday).
  2. I owe somebody a huge favour. This somebody demands cute flower photos.

The website itself has been drawing down my attention over the past few days. By my count I’ve hand-edited 304 posts spread chronologically from yesterday back into October 2009 and removed a further 100(ish) posts from Tumblr that were simply reblogs of other people’s content. I’m on kind of a roll, and I know that I am approaching the halfway mark in total number of posts processed (304/636). I am going to go continue onward -and backward – in my project to finish cleaning up all of my other posts back to 2006, when I first began this blog. Add tags, try to re-add dead images, copy shots from Flickr and so on.

After that is complete, why, I have other projects planned…

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