Draco, the Dragon

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The constellation of Draco, the Dragon

I feel guilty, sorry guys, for giving you such a lame 365 image. Even as I looked at the cathedral shot and intuitively realized how I could improve upon it, I began bad for throwing up such an honestly bad shot. So, here, enjoy! The constellation of Draco, the Dragon. For reference, the north star, Polaris is just above (“north”) the top of this image.

I feel inordinately special because I picked out the constellation with an iPod app, (the K.I.S.S.-compatible) Stars. Its free and performs exactly as advertised. It shows you the constellations. When you combine it with Dana Peters’ Planets app (which can double as a solar compass in a pinch, you have a great, free way of finding out about the planets and stars at night.

…I just turned a photo-post into a sales pitch for two iPod apps. I guess I’m loving the iPod a whole bunch. And the stars, always the stars. The body of Draco is just a little to the right of center. The bright star to the left of centre is [[Alpha Cephei]] in the constellation Cepheus.

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