Day 137: Skipped

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Day 137: Skipped

Sorry kids, but I missed Sunday’s shot. Totally, completely missed. Not even realize it until 6pm Monday evening missed. Sipping slush-cold Red Bull at 6pm Monday evening wondering how I didn’t realized until now missed.

So ah. Sorry.

I think I’m going through one of those damn annoying sea changes. I got a couple of really fantastic photos before and during my trip to Loughrea, but now that I find myself back in Galway City I’m starting to fall a little flat again. Contempt of familiarity? I did the same in Las Vegas; I took one look at the flat cityscape and mentally wrote it off for the next three years, and since coming home I’ve been kind of doing the same thing to Galway. Faced with the new, the old sort of fall flat. I need new vistas and new kit.

Fuck. Well. Started off the new job hunt by following a promising lead from Twitter.

I have some shots from last night to put up online this evening, although the quality is really poor because I had to shoot through a very thin overcast. Time will tell me if I can salvage them.

Happy Dissonance

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Wat een (Bergachtig) Dag!

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