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iOS4 #1 iOS4 #2

So just like every other warm-bodied Apple user I updated my iPod to iOS4. But being a geek I did it a couple of days before the formal release thanks to the magic power of Community.

After three days on the new version I have to say that I am not terribly impressed. Bluetooth doesn’t work for shit, the unified inbox only displays the actual main inbox of an account instead of collating all unread email, Apple saw fit to arbitrarily disable selective features on older devices (really, guys, would it kill you to let me have wallpaper on my 2G device?) and I really, really fucking hate the bevelled dock. To me it has always stuck out like a ridiculous sore thumb in OS X. The only real “woo!” feature are app folders, which jailbroken devices have had for a year. Their implementation wasn’t as slick, but they’ve had it.

Next step? Jailbreak my iOS4 device and enable multitasking and desktop wallpapers.

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