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This blog is not not not on any kind of hold or hiatus; instead I simply do not have any kind of content to upload to it. I’m on a break from photography because I am simply not inspired to go out and take photographs using the equipment I have right now. My lack of a decent any prime for my Canon is sorely felt. My body (Canon camera body!) is old. Past its prime. Compared to any 35mm film body, I can really feel its age in comparison to the more modern bodies of…three years later. Haha.

So what does this have to do with you, dear reader? I’ll be in Dublin on Sunday/Monday for a crash-course in black and white film development and scanning with Sinead. There will be photographic content, huzzah! Loads!

I will, in future, be forking off non-photographic content back onto Tumblr. Having learned my lesson from having to deal with a huge mass of untagged posts, I’m starting from scratch with a whole new tumblelog. As of this moment my DNS is still propagating, but you will be able to catch it back over on bhalash.com. Again. History repeats itself blah blah. Shut up.

I will be changing the theme, though. The Unstandard is a great, fun, graphically-oriented theme, but only if every single post is a photo post. Otherwise it starts to look kinda ugly. I have some more reservations beyond that with the theme, but they are minor and not something I’m going to let subtract from my strong like of it. I’ve become comfortable with the smaller base image size used in The Unstandard and will be looking for something clean and along those lines.

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