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Finally, I update my own blog. On this Sunday August 15th coming I will be at 091 Labs holding a talk on photography entitled Writing Light. Writing Light is a recounting of the separate histories of the camera obscura, the precursors to photography, photography itself. I also explore the state of the modern photographic art and look ahead to what might be to come in the next few decades.

And afterwards, you get to build your own camera. We have craft scissors, pritt sticks, craft paper and masking tape.

This talk will be so good, that it (and I) were mentioned in the Galway Independent yesterday.

Admission and Pre-booking:

Members: Free!
Unwaged/Student: €8
General Public: €10

You can find the full details of this and 091 Labs’ other Irish Hackerspace Week workshops on their public calendar. Any inquires or questions about the event should go straight to me at mark@bhalash.com.

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