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How low will the media companies stoop? You have groups like the MPAA, RIAA (if you’re American) and the IRMA (if you’re Irish) sueing end users because they download works that they own. In America, they brought in the much-hated DMCA which criminalizes activities such as bypassing copy protection on that new CD you purcashed, so you can copy the tracks to your PC. A similar act was passed in Europe, the EUCD, but its thankfully impotent in comparison, due to the difficulties of bringing it into law in different consituencies.

And with Captain Copyright they encourage activities that at best can be called tasteless:

Classroom Activities for Grades 3-6

Activity 5
Letter to the Editor
After reviewing examples of letters to the editor supporting copyright as a class, students will write a letter to the editor in support of copyright for the school paper or a classroom newsletter.

Activity 11
Giving Permission
Class discussion about why and how people may want to use copyrighted material will lead to the design of a permissions form for use of students

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