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I purchased a new lens, an off-brand telephoto, that I’m not even sure I’ll have much use for. As with anything new, it will take a while before I get to grips properly with the lens, but I can say to start with that I don’t like it. The lens is the EF 90-300mm f/4.5-5.6.


  • For a lens of its magifying power, it was relatively cheap (€250).
  • The lens sharper than my supplied kit lens (the 18-55mm).


  • Images taken by the lens have awful chromatic aberration.
  • Its field of view is horrible, but then again this is a telephoto lens. I’m very much looking forward to getting a Sigma short telephoto lens when I’m in Las Vegas. I think I might just pick up a smaller Sigma lens in addition, cash permitting!
  • I don’t have that much need for such a big lens as my style and taste goes toward closer subjects.
  • Autofocus lock is atrociously slow. Good luck trying to lock on a moving target.
  • It’s unwieldy and big.
  • It doesn’t come provided with a lens hood. It is an annoyance given the cost.

On the whole, I figure I’m going to return the lens to the store on Tuesday coming. Until then, here are some photos:

Telephoto lens test
Telephoto lens test
Telephoto lens test
Telephoto lens test
Telephoto lens test

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