Have your say on 'Gratuitous hotness'

  • Tia on

    i love these pictures of Caron, its like she’s a flower that is unfirling just to say….. fuck you….

    gotta love her! she’s one of my favorite people.
    wonderful pics Irish!

  • Tia on

    but um my pictures… i’ll never understand why i sat there patiently and let you take pictures of me with my hair up and not a stich of make up on…. bleck… photogenic my fat ass!

  • Mark on

    Photoshop can fix anything, even you!



    In truth, you actually held still, and I got a couple of really nice portraits of you to tinker with over the weekend.

  • Mike Patterson on

    Well bugger me senseless, some decent content for a change :-))))

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