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I feel pretty dumb right now. The Stages of Stupidity:

  1. Created a tumblelog under my main email address, added content.
  2. Could not for the life of me figure out how to access it from the iPod application. Deleted said tumblelog and created it under another account.
  3. Added content.
  5. While sitting in a park, figure out how to access/post-to said new tumblelog from iPod app.
  6. Delete old-new tumblelog. Create new-new tumblelog. Again
  7. Mark feels pretty fucking sheepish and dumb.

More stupidity? After I finished last night’s epic Dropbox/WordPress howto I discovered the Dropbox plugin for WordPress. Same result.Less work for the average non-power user. :]

So ah, I asked myself what advantages is there in my method? I’m a power user, I replied. This method lets me send my content up from Dropbox in a way that works great for me. I have full control over how and where I use it without needing to resort to sometimes temperamental, sometimes limited plugins.

First Cycle Since…2008?

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December 26

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