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In the last week I have really opened myself up to the world of podcasts. There’s something compelling about listening to two people sitting around chatting about video games, technology, science fiction and astronomy (or, preferably, all of them at once), as opposed to listening to X band. Again.

It’s fun. I’m late up to the stand, I know.

I’m just saying: Podcasts are fun.

On my iPod right now:

  • Current Geek
  • The Instance
  • This Week in Tech
  • This Week in Photography
  • The Joystiq Podcast
  • Sword and Laser
  • AppSlappy
  • Science Fiction Book Reviews
  • Giant Bombcast
  • Science Fiction Theatre
  • Astronomy Cast
  • Tech Stuff
  • 1UP.com – 4 Guys 1UP
  • Wired’s Gadget Lab Podcast
  • Science Fiction and Politics

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