More musings on Dropbox and WordPress

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In my little howto on using WordPress with Dropbox, I detailed how to move your WordPress blog’s media content to Dropbox for easier serving and updating.

This next part hypothetical part will be wholly exploratory. What else in WordPress is it worthwhile to serve out of Dropbox? The blog’s database isn’t an issue – WordPress already has a fantastic database backup tool which I use to create weekly backups. The backups are sent to my Gmail account and dumped into a folder. Click, click, forget. That was six months ago.

Host all of WordPress itself inside of Dropbox? Yeah, doable. There are many methods on the Internet to directly install it onto your Linux server and run it from there. Both these methods failed for me during my attempts to follow the guides due to limitations imposed by my web host. Teh suq. If I ever get my dedicated Linux server a-working I will be sure to try this and report back.

Until then, I’m kinda at a blank. I already had this written – so enjoy.

Replace Odd Numbers of Spaces Only

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