Colour management in Gimp versus Photoshop

I’m too tired to write a long rant, go see this thread for more. Here are the basics: I’m creating a print of Procrastination, and I may as well use the print-in-progress as an example. The original file is a 16-bit tiff in ProPhoto RGB (its the colourspace Lightroom uses) . It renders thus in Photoshop:

(Apologies for the small file size, these are taken from screen caps)

Original photograph

I then opened the file as-is in the Gimp:

Opened in Photoshop

It looks like ass, frankly. I then went back to Photoshop, converted the photo to standard sRGB and downscaled it to 8 bit. The photo looks much better, but still like ass in comparison to the original:

Opened in Gimp

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