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The headaches are back and getting worse, I seem to be bouncing between crushing depression and burning rage at the drop of a hat, I’m don’t feel any closer to seeing Mariah or Caira again, and I’m very close to beating some of the idiots that crawl out of the woodwork at this time of year.

I work in an electrial store where the sales floor is typically filled with precariously perched objects of metal and glass. These can also be quite heavy, a typical big LCD/plasma TV can weigh upwards of 30-50kg, not to mention small, dense items like toasters, display stands etc. The long and short of the matter is that it’s not a safe enviroment for small children, yet parents come in to buy a whole new suite of appliances for their homes and bring several bored children with them. They happily set their children lose around the store while they deal with the sales asisstant and arrangement payment, which can take well over an hour.

I’ve had several small children trip over me over the past two weeks. One four year old ran full tilt into me while I was carrying an unboxed microwave and bounced face-first off it. Another tripped over my feet while I was walking backwards wheeling a washing machine and did a wonderful job on his chin. I’ve seen other children rocking a nine thousand euro TV on its mount for shits and giggles. More than one child has falled from the railings at the front of the store and bashed their head open – they are not monkey bars. One gave herself a lovely bruise when she pulled a kettle by its cord off a shelf.

All of this is to say that our store is actively dangerous to small children – it’s not a creche. Our staff are here to sell, lift and price stock, not supervise your children. And yes, I think you’re a bad parent for you letting your precious little Timmy run rampant here. Please for the love of whatever god you may belive in can you keep at least one eye on your children while in-store. :[


in me

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