Timelapse, part 2 of 1

in 091 labs

Inspired by yesterday’s timelapse experiments at 091 Labs, I bought a cheap little PC Line webcam from Currys today (tenner for 1.3mp isn’t bad) and experimented some more with webcam. The results have been:

  1. I’ve eliminated the need for a external script to manage the capture operation. A simple webcam & dumps the process into the background until I come back to kill it.
  2. The external 1.3mp webcam, identified by lsusb as a Microdia Sonix USB 2.0 Camera, is much nicer to work with. The 1280x1024px image size is four times what my laptop’s webcam can achieve.

My biggest problem right now is maybe stability; I need to tape my webcam to a tripod or something to keep it steady.

in 091 labs

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