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I’ve been wanting to give panning another good try, so I went down to Eyre Square after work tonight. The problem is that while there’s a few good spots to capture cars, the position of them means that drives can easily see you with the result that they think I’m with the Gardai or something and slow down. Fah!

Panning a car outside of Renville Forest Park, Oranmore
Panning a coworker at Currys Galway
Panning a bus at Williamsgate Street, Galway

‘s 3 and 4 were taken right at the top of the square opposite the bus rank, #2 was taken a little further down by Holland’s and #1 was from the top of Shop Steet, as car’s going into that corner make for great captures. Outside of Lightroom adjustments on the raw files, no processing work was done on these.

Intent and Effect

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The Language of Agency

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