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“Ware ye, inquisitor! Stay thy hand; still thy tongue; hold thyself to silence lest ye awaken the dread beast Fanboi.”

Wake Up by The Arcade Fire just popped up on my playlist. It is as good a reason to write a blog post as any.

So, dear reader(s). Here’s a fun fact: I can make the eyes of other geeks glaze over. Some handsome devil at 091 Labs asked me what my latest project was. Hah. I had iPod-formatted blog posts and YouTube videos with accompanying soundtracks to help round out my impromptu audiovisual presentation. Which I guess makes this some kind of meta blog post. This is a blog post describing another blog post on another blog where I posted videos about making a third blog post.


I’m not going to talk about my Gimp project here, tonight, because it is already well-covered over on Misadventures; neither will I talk about my screencast (HOWTO) project in any great detail. I learned how to achieve what I wanted to achieve and as a small bonus I picked up a tiny bit of basic audio editing using SoX. I feel safe in describing SoX as being to audio as MPlayer is to video or ImageMagick is to still images: It can do almost anything that you could care to ask of it.

My screencasting project is ultimately educational, but it feels like a toy: My homebrew screencasting methods are fun, but I can’t envision any really serious use.

I’m looking for some other shiny bauble to distract me. Suggestions?

In other news:

Holy retarded duplication of effort, Batman. Are Netbook Linux Ubuntu users really in such dire need of training wheels?

What all of the above projects have in common is this: They do exactly the same thing, with various degrees of eye candy. A reskinned, 1024x600px friendly Gnome, one with almost no sign of mean old Mister Terminal in sight.

I am being the insanely old-school Linux user in asking this, but: What’s the damn point?

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