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I mostly skip out on my social obligations because I get depressingly bored and cannot tell the bulk my cousins apart (the Bohermore crowd excepted!). The norm in my family has become:

  • Invite Mark to [gathering].
  • Breathe a quiet sigh of relief when Mark expresses mild surprise at the invite but politely declines the invitation.

I extend this “ehh, thanks but no” philosophy to the rest of my atrophied social calender: Some of my absolute greatest friends and best Twitter contacts are photographers (hello, hello, hello, hello, and hello!), but for the most part I shun the photographic community. There’s a constant, subtle air of competition that pervades communities. Who has succeeded? Who has failed? I don’t care for the sly judgemental air, so I politely give it a miss.

(Boardies: I’m going to cover my butt with the above and honestly claim depression and schedule conflicts for missing out on most of the fun in the past few months.)

What I’m getting at is that is that with 091 Labs I’ve had to do a bit of self-reeducation. These men and women are real flesh-and-blood geeks, geeks who do real geek things. I attended the tail-end of last night’s film showing (I’m Here by Spike Jonze…I mean, it had robots and stuff), spoke to people. Generally I had a jolly good time.

I went back tonight for Gerry Kavanagh’s talk on information security earlier tonight, although ostensibly I was only there because I wanted peace and quiet so I could work on a way to steal music from an audio streaming site. That little side-project is still in the works. Gerry’s talk was a broad, fast overview on the different areas of network and server hardening that covered a lot of bases without dipping into too much detail in any one area.

Afterward, 091 Labs held an committee meeting. I can’t make too many snide comments on it because I was busily trying to steal somebody’s audio stream. I’m on your sitez stealing your toonz…

…but I did garner the following:

  1. Those freaking toonz are obfuscated!
  2. Tomorrow’s (Tuesday) open night will be the bestest ever. You should come if you’re in Galway.
  3. Membership is slowly but steadily growing. Yay!
  4. Other, (kinda) like-minded groups around Galway are interested in sharing our space and cooperating with us. On stuff.
  5. 091 Labs has a full week of activities and workshops planned to coincide with a worldwide week-long hackathon in mid-August.
  6. 091 Labs is possibly entertaining corporate sponsorship.

I had some things wrong about the last two points, Barry corrected me on them (see comments, below):

We were not entertaining corporate sponsorship, we were entertaining the idea of corporate membership, so that employees of a company all get the discounted rate at workshops.

Also it’s not a hackathon, it’s Irish Hackerspace Week :)

And then afterward I dropped off a bunch of photographic supplies (papers and tanks) to the Labs and had a great conversation about art and meaning. I’ve been ordered to watch Ways of Seeing and Civilization by my betters before I hold forth on topics of which I know not.

I’m out. Tomorrow I get to build a workstation.

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