More humbuggery

I’ve been asked by mum to get photos of everyone over the holidays for printing, specifically she wants some kind of nice, posed group shot, which is akin to organising a battle-ready regiment of geese at short order. It’s just not gonna happen. Our one try at a group shot was pathetic and anemic – no one wanted to give me the time to set up, get a tripod or any of that like, so I wound up having to give the camera to Sonya and hope for the best. On the other hand I’ve pissed off everyone no end by getting in their faces and just snapping away, which has given me a small but great set of photos of everyone in natural poses and situations. But no one wants me to use those.

I think in the end I’m just going to sidestep the whole issue by just printing and framing the bloody photos myself.

by Mark Grealish

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Dashing brigand, handsome rapscallion, father, crazy cat lady and the world's greatest lover and liar, living in Dublin, Ireland.

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  • Treasa on

    You sound embittered. Anyone who wants prints off me has to wait “until I do a print run” which is when I next have six hundred photos to print at a time.

  • Jen on

    Wasn’t this my idea for Christmas presents?


  • Mark on

    I think it was, Jenny, but no one was too keen on the idea until someone else suggested it, as always.

    Treasa, yes I am embittered. I’m really weary of my family trying to ride roughshod over me, whenever it comes to my opinion. I was asked to do these photos – and I’m very happy to do it as it’s rare that I have an opportunity to photograph my family – but everyone wants it entirely on their terms. God forbid I should exercise some creative control over my own works.

  • Moley on

    I think candid shots are always better, especially of family. It’s something they’ll be able to look at years from now and be reminded of something real, instead of a artificial pose. They’ll appreciate it, sooner or later.

  • Mark on

    …and I got shouted at again as I’m going with the candid photos. I guess ignoring my family does work, I’ll have the prints by Friday, probably.

  • Sandy on

    The joys of families. They’ll appreciate it in the end, but shur ya can’t make everyone happy.

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