Half a step left…

in 091 labs

…two steps forward and a hop to the right after a quarter turn counter-clockwise.

I’ve been abnormally disaffected and out of sorts since those obfuscous (new real word squee!) hours between today and yesterday. Everything is a quarter turn in the wrong direction. Case in point:

I have access to something that has been of a pipe dream since about mid-2007: Powerful computer. World of Warcraft subscription. Fat bandwidth pipe. No ordinary or extraordinary demands on my time. I effectively accomplished a (small) multi-year goal, and in the accomplishment found my desire for the reward extinguished.

Well okay, it isn’t as bad as I might make out. I’ve reaped my due. I’ve sat and played through Portal and other Steam titles, enjoyed myself in World of Warcraft heroic instances and I have at least another five vistas queued to process.

My next creative steps will something more manifest. When I am at the Labs I feel a nearly physical pressure to do something out of a feeling of obligation to the Labs and all of the amazing things that our members do. It maybe stems from my own feelings on inadequacy, but hey – sometimes feeling small is good for a kick up the butt. Back on topic: I want to print and I want to print large, as befits all of my works. 30”x20” at least. :] If anybody who reads this blog can suggest an affordable solution, please pipe up! Silence is compliance.

Less vaguely general: Tonight I saw The Yes Men Fix The World at 091 Labs’ film night. Entertaining and educational, but maybe flawed? I picked up jump cuts and selective editing so as to events from a certain point of view, which I felt undermined the Yes Men’s “search for the truth.” Still. Watch it, support them


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