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Sign: Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada

I spent a few hours over the course of two days hanging around at this famous sign photographing it from different angles and in different ways. From the sides, from the front, from the rear and in normal and infrared light. I came home with about twenty usefully pretty images, of which I’ve so far put two online.

I do like [[Welcome_to_Fabulous_Las_Vegas_sign|the sign]]. It has history, unlike most of the buildings of Las Vegas, and it is the best analogy for the city that I can think of: The sign is tacky, has a bunch of ugly crap stuck on to its rear that everyone ignores, and just off to one side is a giant (giant) banner advertisement for a local porn company.

Here’s to another 50 years of it gracing the Strip.

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  • Darren on

    Now that is a fantastic IR shot. I prefer this one over the other one you posted on boards.

  • Mark on

    For once your nagging turned out for the better!

  • Mariah on

    It’s the product of wifely nagging.

  • K on

    First thing that came to mind…..trendy postcard. It’s super dope.

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