Monday, 2am

in 091 labs

I’m wide-awake and sitting in the kitchen trimming my nails while the kettle boils. Then I will consume delicious instant noodles. As an aside: I really miss Nong Shim; Nong Shim are as of yet the only brand of instant noodle that have gazed into my crepuscular soul and found something to love. Yes, the same Nong Shim noodles that you simply cannot buy here. :(

I’m wide-awake because I returned to 091 Labs from a walk out to Salthill and back at 9pm, stretched out on one of the couches to blog…and napped until just after midnight in not inconsiderable comfort. I say this a man who spent a month on a nasty couch before coming home to Ireland: The couches at 091 Labs aren’t all that uncomfortable to nap on. Why, my neck barely ached afterwards! In fact, my nap on the couch was so agreeable that I may just shower, down some Ibuprofen and go back down to the Labs for more blogging goodness, because as it stands I am very likely to be awake all night.

Writing Light

That. Yeah. As I wrote late last night, because of my doctor’s well-intentioned addition of Zispin, an antidepressant and sleep regulator, to my prescription, I slept for seventeen solid hours, and remained dizzy, unfocused and drowsy through a second night’s sleep and on until this afternoon. Zispin put paid to my original presentation for the talk. Starting at 3 o’clock this afternoon, I sat down and revised everything from scratch. I cut out many of the anecdotes and detail from photography’s that I wanted to recount, entirely removed “The Future” and wound up uncomfortably and unhappily just reading off slide slide after slide.

I did have a couple of gracious conversations afterwards, but:

  1. They felt like condescending pats on the back. My complete, utter distrust of positive feedback means that you should discount this.
  2. I conveyed the letter of my presentation, without conveying the spirit. As I have discovered in the past, understanding a concept unto the point of it becoming part of your essential self doesn’t grant you the ability to communicate this understanding.

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