The hole…fills!

Earlier today, I did some out-loud thinking about what my archiving needs are and how I might fill them. I wound up openly re-evaluating my attachment to Dropbox. I’ve returned here to re-evaluate that. So exactly what was it I wanted?

  • My Dropbox in transparent, friendly Dropbox-on-my-desktop form on a shared/public computer.
  • Protection against other people on the shared computer accessing the same Dropbox folder.

On the second: I have no secret to hide. I am simply deeply uncomfortable with the idea of being exposed to personal embarrassment because somebody decides to grep my chat logs.

With all of this in mind I went looking for solutions and came back with two:

  1. EncFS – an open encrypted filesystem. Encrypt my home folder. Cuts out hassles I might have with encryption on my own laptop.
  2. Truecrypt – turn the contents of my Dropbox folder into a single encrypted volume. This creates a minor headache in usability for me elsewhere.

by Mark Grealish

in technology

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