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I have been very ungracious a guest over the past week with my extended World of Warcraft binge. While it felt very very good to finally plumb the depths of three years of pent up desire to log in, shut down and play for a few days on end, I was ultimately being rude to the other members and taking more than my due share of time on that big and fancy workstation. My original desire to take great panoramas in the game was subverted by my bigger desire to just go blow through some game content and get myself caught up to where the game is now.

So yeah, project time. I know I have a fair share of readership among Labs members, and I really would love something useful that I can share with other members, something that is within my field of expertise (software/Linux). I’ve been working on a few “toy” projects, including tonight’s home folder/selective directory encryption (via here), but they are of limited return/benefit to other members.

I mean, if we can’t find anything to put me to work on, I wouldn’t object too much if I was held up as the resident Linux power user.

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