Swans at the Claddagh Basin

Swans at Claddagh

I originally went out today to try and photograph waves breaking on rocks at Claddagh beach, but the tide was fully in by the time I got out and the lack of cover at the beach was disheartening. I started out with my big 28-200mm lens at some seagulls, but I wasn’t happy with the photos I was getting, so I swapped it for my 18-55mm and went over to the swans, where I made an ass of myself by crawling around through puddles, poop and Unspeakably Worse Things to get a good photo. I read an article in a magazine yesterday about a man who used a wide angle lens to catch birds in flight from a few feet away (he shot over his wife’s shoulder, who threw bread at them), so I got right up underneath a few swans, who just sat there and staring at me expectantly for bread.

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  • Moley on

    you’re lucky the little bastards didn’t bite, swans are evil. they’re right up there with geese on the evil scale :[

  • Mark on

    The thought I had bread.

    Bites != Bread.

  • Peter on

    The first on would have been nicer if the legs were kept in no marks for cropping here :P

  • Mark on

    lol, that’s actually how the photo came out, unfortunately.

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