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School update

I wrote code for the first time since last summer, and with coding, comes some fairly hard choices what to do with myself after the summer. I’ve burned a lot of bridges over the last year, burned them very well indeed. College, over the past year, has been a complete loss. I’ve been on time […]

I’m on campus.

Semester 3…begins!

My lecturers are universally saying “ERMAGHERD, ERXPERNERNTAHL KERV!” about this semester’s difficulty, but so far I am only truly frightened about mathematics. I have six streams up until December: Mathematics, Windows Programming, Web Programming, Client-side Scripting, Software Analysis, and Database Development. Out of the six, I am only really concerned about Mathematics, because fuck math. […]

I passed my repeats

[XNA] Flyatron 1.0!!

You can grab the source here, and if you are so interested in trying the game then shoot me an email or leave a comment here! Changelog: General: * New game icon! * Added new font size. Game.cs: * Collected nukes now accumulate for later use (right-mouse click). * Tidied UpdatePlay(); some code was shuffled […]


Check out Flyatron on Github! Gameplay is barebones (you move, you shoot, you die), and buggy, but it runs. Current issues: Owing to the order in which mines despawn after detonating, bullets following the first bullet will despawn until the explosion animation concludes. Ordering, again: If the player hits a mine at their spawn point […]

[XNA] Flyatron’s on the final stretch

Remaining to do: Fix scoreboard (it doesn’t collate correctly). Import gun/bullet function code (already animated). Animate player death. Animate new game. Add power ups. Add sound effects. Only the last item presents any great difficulty.

[XNA] Flying Flyatron fly-mines!

[XNA] What is Flyatron?

I’ve been working on the individual components of Flyatron without giving much thought to what the end game will be. Here it is: It is a single-player shooter/survival game. The player character, the H.E.R.O. Egregious Robot Ordnance (H.E.R.O.). The player is relentlessly pursued by a Malevolent Airborne Robot (M.A.R.). The M.A.R. is a simply a […]

[XNA] Keeping a sprite on screen

I’m making a class for collision detection right now. if (rectangle1.X < 0) rectangle1.X = 0; if (rectangle1.Y < 0) rectangle1.Y = 0; if (rectangle1.Y + texture1.Height > gameHeight) rectangle1.Y = gameHeight - texture1.Height; if (rectangle1.X + texture1.Width > gameWidth) rectangle1.X = gameWidth - texture1.Width;

[XNA] Player class v1.0

Pretty basic: Take in a basic sprite and movez0r it. About the only part of the code I am actually happy with are the keyboard controls; I simply pass the KeyboardState to the class and let the class worry about it. // Move player. player.Move(Keyboard.GetState()); Easy. My next project is timers.

[XNA] Collisions (and a general update)

One of the coolest things in older video games (read: Asteroids) for me was the wrap: The sprite moves off the screen and smoothly appears on the far side. Imagine my crippling disappointment this morning when I started playing around will collision detection and discovered that it is basically eight lines of code: if (rectangle1.X […]

[XNA] Front menu

I need to spin this off into its own class tomorrow.

[XNA] What is my actual summer assignment?

Entirely for my own benefit, since I keep forgetting, and hate delving into Windows Live every day: Create an empty game project in Visual studio 2010. Add the Code and Content files found (in the Live Group). In the Game1 class: Add the using namespace AnimatedSprite to access the classes from Game1. Create a new […]


Apologies for the terrible quality.

Grades: January and June

January: Systems and Networking: 83% Digital Media with Photoshop: 78% Programming with C#: 78% Games Culture: 88% Mathematics: 61% Learning to Learn: 71% 76.5% June: Systems and Networking: 89% Programming with C#: 68% Web Design: 62% Database Management: N/G Games Design: N/G Mathematics: 70% 72.3% Eh. I could have, should have done better. A bad […]

Here comes the sun!

Big exams #3 through to #6

Listos version: Games Design: Winged it on the strength of a treatise on how sprites are drawn. Database Administration: I did not go. I had reasons. See below. Web Design: Oh so easy. Systems and Networking: Very easy. Games Design: One of the two subjects I will probably have to repeat. I hit my big […]

Second Exam

Mathematics. Eh. It is a bit nerve-racking when, after the first sixty minutes elapse, half of your year gets up and walks out of the exam hall. At the seventy-five minute mark three-quarters of those remaining get up and leave. I am still sitting there patiently working through some matrix problems.

First exam

C# Good: It built. It ran. Bad: There was a bug I couldn’t fix, and instead worked around. Sloppily. Good: It formatted nicely. Bad: You could charitably call my formatting code “obfuscated”. Other synonyms like “Byzantine” or “Walter Bishop-esque”come to mind. Good: Throwing a stack of copies of “Alive” in the bin is a true […]

Another C# assignment is completed.

Oh look, a Pastebin!. I get incrementally get less bad with basic stuff, even as I try to deal with the spiraling complexities of a larger project. It’s fun, and I enjoy it so far: It allows for great creative expressions, and grants me the ability to solve problems in a system which isn’t so […]

The website project forges ever onward!

Website evolution

Our year has been given its website project: Build one. CSS and HTML must be used. Bonus marks are being given out for the use of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Ruby, and dynamic web pages. Behold! The evolution of the front page.

Semester one exams: All passed

Disclaimers: 1. The statistics were compiled by photographing result sheets pinned up in a corridor with a cheap cameraphone. Bad lighting and bad focus combined to give me the occasional moment of having to creatively interpret a figure. 2. Google Docs rounds figures in a slightly different manner than whatever program was used internally by […]

Also, Homework

Exams are done

Describe the progression of a game: Identify and acquire key properties on the Monopoly board. Invest in your properties and work toward the construction of a hotel. Build up your financial reserves. Drive your enemy before you, pillage their home and listen to the lamentation of their women.


I sat down at a computer for my exam Programming exam. Suddenly, excitement: The Moodle (snork!) server crashed under the load. Systems was easy. Programming was tricky. Creative Media is tomorrow and I have Games on Friday. Then, alcohol.

Revision isn’t doing so bad…

I brushed up on my Programming last night, and I’m one-third of the way through my Systems (I’ve finished RAM and I’ve nodded my head at CPU). I don’t really want read back up on mobos and expansion slots, but it’s my first exam on Friday coming. Life is pain. I don’t have any exceptional […]

echo “Hello, world!”

I am doing some house cleaning and catch-up work with this blog while I procrastinate over my real home work. I had to hold a short presentation at school earlier in this semester, and with a free choice of topic allowed, I picked Linux. When I created this presentation I the notion of being able […]

I passed everything

I’ve been tweeting about this all afternoon, so apologies to anyone reading this post and thinks I’m tooting my own horn. Okay okay, I am tooting my own horn. Just not redundantly so. For this is the For Eternal Posterity post. I am pleasantly shocked that I passed everything. On the intellectual level, I’m not […]