Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.


August Skies

I’ve seen mountains and deserts and lakes and forests and ice caps and snow, but nothing in this world soothes my heart like the sea breeze, the cry of gulls and clouds hung low o’er the horizon.

Dublin Bay Cloudscape

Although the sky around the sun got blown out to fuck, I’m really happy with this spectacular cloudscape from over Dublin Bay. Going to work in the Baily Lighthouse has become a high point in my career. Every day something about the job lifts me up, like on Friday when we spotted a porpoise on […]

Slidescan Panorama of Dollymount Strand

Taken on my way home from work in the rain last Wednesday. The effect came out great.

Baily Lighthouse and the Irish Sea

The new workplace in all its summer glory. :)

Withered Galway Skies

The two of us sat there hour with coffee as the storm bit by bit consumed the world.

Man and His Best Friend

Taken at the Salthill promenade in Galway.

Killaspugbrone, Strandhill, Co. Sligo

Strandhill Snapshots

Well as you could have guessed from the runs, I went to Strandhill last weekend with a friend. My most excellent company aside, it felt so good to be back in Sligo and the northwest for its own sake. I ran, we walked, we got burned under the sun and enjoyed fantastic food and beer […]

Dun Laoghaire Sunset

Took these back in early May on a gorgeous warm evening after a day out in Killiney and Dalkey.

The Western Way

In December I hiked the Western Way in Galway between Maam Cross and Oughterard. Timing from my phone and FitBit: 00:42:50 + 04:41:38 = 05:24:28 The part of the Way I hiked was 26 kilometres of spectacular rugged Connemara scenery-bogs, forests, mountains, lakes and rivers all in a breath of one another. Being out on […]

A Fairy Hike to a Fairy Castle

Yesterday winter came back around to grumble “And another thing…” in the middle of what otherwise should be a well-behaved spring. After Storm Emma I kicked myself that I didn’t get out of Harold’s Cross to see the parks or countryside around Dublin while we had snow. So when I saw snow on the ground […]

Ticknock Forest

Kilmashogue Forest

Marlay Park

Snowy Marlay Park

The beauty of transience-green yesterday, green tomorrow.

Now in this Hush

Taken during the worst of the blizzard during Storm Emma.

White Dublin

Snow around Rathmines and Harold’s Cross on the second and third days of Storm Emma.

Storm Emma

Harold’s Cross and Rathmines on the first day of Storm Emma.

Nine Days Difference

Taken at Portobello, Dublin.

Leonard’s Corner

Taken before lousy Smarch weather rolled in.

And Two Seagulls

The Dragon of Parnell Street

Happy year of the dog!

Island, Woman, Sky

Taken at the Howth Cliff Walk on February 18.

Ninety Degrees Separated

Taken at Usher’s, Dublin on February 8.

Goodbye, 2017

We make our own happiness.

The Hill of Doon

Taken on the Western Way in early December 2017.

Wet Galway, December 2017

It’s pure fucking Leprechaun magic, how it rained in Galway for a straight fucking week. The fuck.

Menlo Castle in the Snow

What a fantastic start to my winter holidays!

The Glendalough Valley from Laragh

Taking while on a hike with a hillwalking group. Absolutely stunning day.


An eerie flat plain approaches a sharp clifftop.