Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.


Menlo Castle in the Snow

What a fantastic start to my winter holidays!

The Glendalough Valley from Laragh

Taking while on a hike with a hillwalking group. Absolutely stunning day.


An eerie flat plain approaches a sharp clifftop.

Anarchy on the Streets of Dublin 8

They respect no law but the law of MIGHT MAKE RIGHT.

Ordinary Day

Taken at Bull Island, October 14.

Phoenix Park, September 2017

Taken on September 24 on a wonderful warm autumn evening.

Poolbeg in Silhouette from Bull Island

Menlo Skylight

Thorncastle Street Apartments, Ringsend

The Iveagh Trust, Dublin

Liffey Sunset

Hell of a gorgeous evening!

The Secret Life of Crows

Ricky Whelan (@rickywhelan) of Birdwatch Ireland hosted “The Secret Life of Crows” last night at the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin. The lecture capped off my gorgeous Autumn evening walk across from the office after work. While in the line I struck up a conversation from a retired New Zealander couple who are out to cycle […]

Six Sunny Sunset Skies

Taken around Taylor’s Lane, Prospect Avenue and Smithfield this evening.

Double Rainbow over School Street, Dublin

Flogging Molly at the Olympia

What a fantastic gig, full of great craic! Mariah introduced me to Flogging Molly years ago when I lived in Las Vegas. They’ve stayed a firm favourite of mine since. Flogging Molly’s songs are of home and loss, of survival and endurance. About where you are and what family means. It meant a great deal […]

Three Details from Kilmainham

Unound Serenity

Never the same, always the same.

Splash of Red on the Garavogue

John Hinde would be proud.

The Wild Atlantic Way, Sligo

Holywell Road, Sligo Town

I knowingly saturated the fuck out of this photograph because the colours of the day deserved to be shown. The Garavogue Valley was a cacophony of vibrant, verdant greens smothered out by the grey skies above.

Submerged Tree Stump at Doorly Park, Sligo

Sligo Town like Sligo County: I badly missed it. I remember all the walks I took up the river, over the hill, through the forest and around the lake.

Classiebawn Castle, Mullaghmore, Sligo

Wow. I last set foot in Cliffoney and almost exactly five years ago, when I stopped by to wrap up stuff with my former landlord. The area hasn’t changed a bit. Same people, same businesses. I never thought then that I’d miss Sligo, but with all my problems and busyness and stress in the past […]

And in Temple Bar…

GirlCrew’s app launch made the Irish Times, Silicon Republic and TodayFM. Yeah, I wasn’t mentioned, and yeah, I’m happy to stay out of the limelight, but it’s surreal and wonderful to see an application I wrote in its entirety, promoted and discussed at a national level. Go me! o/*\o

Last light over Phoenix Park

Taken August 2017.

Sandymount Triptych

Summer Rain

Take a step…

Taken at Howth, Ireland.

Glitchy Sandymount Strand

Taken from the number 47 bus on my way into town. :)

The beauty of transience

I’ll be dead some day, dead and gone and left to decompose in a hole in the ground. Everyone has their time. But what’s more beautiful than transience? You have a summer day, and then it’s gone forever. It’ll never be again.

A (glitchy) Irish country home

Taken from a bus somewhere in Westmeath.