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Last light over Phoenix Park

Taken August 2017.

Sandymount Triptych

Summer Rain

Take a step…

Taken at Howth, Ireland.

Glitchy Sandymount Strand

Taken from the number 47 bus on my way into town. :)

The beauty of transience

I’ll be dead some day, dead and gone and left to decompose in a hole in the ground. Everyone has their time. But what’s more beautiful than transience? You have a summer day, and then it’s gone forever. It’ll never be again.

A (glitchy) Irish country home

Taken from a bus somewhere in Westmeath.

Slieve Gullion and the Mountains of Mourne from Leopardstown

Taken while I leant out my bedroom window, of all places!

Moate, Co. Westmeath

This was the best of a set of panoramas I captured from the bus as it went through town. More than the rest, this one shows Moate’s character.

The descent to Balscadden Bay

Taken at Howth, Co. Dublin.

Bray moonrise

It was lovely there tonight. <3

Two-thirds sky

Days like today-skies like today, I miss Nevada something fierce.

Galway, May Day 2017

Somewhere Else

Taken at Three Rock, Co. Dublin.

Three Rock and Ticknock Forest

I went up the mountain for a wander this evening, a perfect followup to tea in Malahide with my mum yesterday.

Snapshots from the Wicklow Way

Although by “Wicklow Way” I mostly mean “Cloghnagun” in this case.

Kilgobbin Church and Three Rock, Dublin

Annacrivey Woods

Taken while hiking the Wicklow Way.

Ballycorus Leadmines

Photographed on my hike today. I was surprised when this photograph came out, let alone perfectly, because the wind blew me flat on my ass as I finished the capture.

Perfect and Blue and Empty

The day was too much, so I climbed a hill and decided to be for a while.

Dublin Sunset, February 2017

The grimmest grim view that ever grimmed a grim

Taken from the shore at Blackrock.

Winter tree, winter sky

Taken at Blackrock Park.

Dawn light

The view from our room leads to the production of many beautiful dawn photographs, whatever else you might care to say about it.

Two trees in Knocksink Woods

I sat on these photographs for a week while I agonized about colours and controls. Too much contrast? Too yellow? Too saturated? In the end I decided to present them as-is.

Dawn from Windy Arbour

The last couple of weeks make me feel like my photographic mojo is on its way back.

Rainy Ranelagh

Autumn has arrived in full force. :(

The Irish Sea from Blackrock

I wanked around with some sliders in Photoshop because I liked the net effect.

October at the Digital Hub

Dublin skies, September 2016

Cloud iridescence and lenticular clouds in one day!